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SEF Current NAV : 9.49 as on 2024-05-17
SEF Current NAV : 9.49 as on 2024-05-17

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

SCL Advisory Services

SCL Advisory services is a product that caters to the institutions with an aim to deliver tailored services to assist in the investment activities to achieve their strategic investment objectives. This service ensures that the clients have all the necessary information and data for the required company before making any investment decisions coupled with valuable inputs of industry professional experts.


In order to ensure risk adjusted returns and right investment avenues, in-depth research and analysis, market information and advice from the market expert are required. SCL Advisory services would bridge this gap by providing such services to render the benefits to the clients and further to their investments.

Product Features:

1. Extensive company specific investment analysis:

This service would contain an in-depth analysis of the listed companies through fundamental, technical and stock performance data. It will constitute of analysing the performance of the company through key investment ratios, forecasted financial statements and provide recommendations and future prospects of the company.

2. Asset Allocation Advisory:

This service would deal with advising the clients on the various available investment avenues in the market that can be identified for investment purposes. Similarly, we can also analyse at the current investments and suggest if any alteration on the current investments can be carried out.

3. Sector specific analysis:

This service would contain sector specific investment analysis reports of listed companies through technical and fundamental analysis for new avenues of investment consideration by the client. An investment outlook of the company and recommendations would also be provided from a strategic perspective for new investment avenues.

4. Deal Sourcing:

This service would entail providing clients with various investment opportunities. With the outreach of our networks and an extensive research and analysis team of experts, we can avail the client with the best investment opportunities to the clients.

Fee Structure
S. NoJob DescriptionAmount (Rs.)
1.Extensive Company specific investment analysis reportRs.10,000 per report
2.Portfolio Management Services
Upto NPR. 1 crore
1 crore – 5 crores
5 crores – 10 crores
Above 10 crores
3.Sector Specific analysis reportNPR. 5,000 per report
4.Deal Sourcing0.10% of the total deal
Growth Stocks

Growth Stocks are those shares in a company whose earnings are expected to grow at an above-average rate relative to the market. Growth stocks are also risky because their new capital investments projects may fail and as the industry is not matured it is more vulnerable to economic shocks. These are the companies which have high Price to Book ratio (PB) and have High Price to Earnings (PE) Ratio. These companies actually pay little or no dividends to their shareholders and actually re-invest their earnings in the future projects.

Value Stocks

Value stocks are those shares in a company whose earnings are stable, less vulnerable to economic shocks and are expected to grow at or sometimes even below an average rate relative to the market or economy. These are the companies which determine having good fundamentals but have fallen out of favour in the market. The idea behind making investments in these stocks is that they will bounce back when the true value of the company is recognised. These are companies which have low Price to Book ratio (PB), low Price to Earnings (PE) ratio, stable earnings with a high ROE and which have high dividend yields.

Discount in Annual Maintenance Charges of Portfolio Management Services

In regard to the operational modality of the Portfolio Management Services (PMS) services; and as according to the market practices on offering discounts on the annual maintenance charges, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) can provide up to a maximum discount of 35% on the quoted tariff rates of the annual maintenance charges to the clients depending upon the size of the portfolio.

In our services, we take responsibility for:

  • Creating well-diversified portfolio
  • Tailored Product as per clients’ need
  • Professional Management
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuous Advice
  • Clear Reporting