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SEF Current NAV : 9.64 as on 2024-06-07
SEF Current NAV : 9.64 as on 2024-06-07

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Non-Discretionary Portfolio

SCL Non-discretionary portfolio management services are catered for those clients who wish to enjoy a greater degree of participation in the management of their investments. In this portfolio we consult and suggest the investment ideas to the clients. The choice to execute the timing of the investment decision rests solely with the investor. We will help clients tailor their investment avenues which will be backed by extensive research and a professional set of experts.

This product is designed for individual investors who wish to have their say in the designing of their portfolio. We will provide advisory services enabling the client to take the final decision on the combination of asset allocation. The portfolio will invest in a blend of various big to small cap scripts and fixed income term deposits depending upon the approval of the client.

Portfolio Companies

The asset allocation in this portfolio will be a mixture of equities, term deposits and other money market instruments available in the market.
Tenure2 years
Portfolio AmountMinimum Portfolio size of NPR 25 lakhs
Fee Structure Service Charge – Negotiable

*Note: While availing of the Portfolio Management services, the investment amount can be handed to the portfolio manager in a combination or solely of the following options; cash, existing stocks and a combination of both stocks as well as cash.