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SEF Current NAV : 9.79 as on 2023-03-17
SEF Current NAV : 9.79 as on 2023-03-17

Discretionary Portfolio

SCL Growth Portfolio

SCL Growth Portfolio invests principally in a well-diversified portfolio of equities listed at the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) that have premium valuation, with a promise that they justify the premium over a period of time. It is a customized investment product aimed at those investors willing to achieve higher return at higher level of risks. The product will invest in financially sound companies having a good growth potential thereby aiming at providing long term capital appreciation and constant returns to the investors.

Portfolio Companies

Up to 90% of the investments would be assigned for equity shares listed at the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) comprising of blue-chip companies and companies with high growth potential, while the remaining 10% will be kept aside as cash balances for application of IPOs/FPOs/NFOs and money market instruments.

Risk Factors

This product is suitable for those investors who seek to achieve higher growth in their portfolio and expect a higher risk appetite.
Expected Portfolio Return 17% - 21%
Hurdle Rate 10%
Tenure 2 Years

Fee Structure

Service Charge
Investment Amount (in Rs.) Annual Service Fees (%)
20 lakhs - 50 lakhs 1.30%
50 lakhs - 1 crore 1.25%
1 crores - 5 crores 1%
5 crores - 10 crores 0.75%
> 10 crores 0.5%
Incentive Fee
Portfolio Return Incentive Fees
< 8% Nil
9% - 15% 15%
16% - 25% 20%
> 25% 25%
Exit Load 1%
*Note: While availing of the Portfolio Management services, the investment amount can be handed to the portfolio manager in a combination or solely of the following options: cash, existing stocks and a combination of both stocks as well as cash.