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SEF Current NAV : 9.44 as on 2024-04-05
SEF Current NAV : 9.44 as on 2024-04-05

Discretionary Portfolio

SCL Balanced Portfolio

SCL Balanced Portfolio is designed for investors who are risk averse and prioritize risk minimization over return maximization. The investment will have a combination of fixed income securities, value stocks and a minimal portion into growth stocks. The portfolio will invest into a wide gamut of fundamentally strong value stocks while a minimum portion will be allocated towards growth stocks to reap the benefit of market volatility. With major investments in fixed income securities and value stocks, investors can earn periodic returns which can be reinvested to earn extra profit.

Portfolio Companies

This portfolio will concentrate on investing into value stocks with a minimal portion of its investment into growth stocks and money market instruments. 35% investments will cater to the value stocks, while 15% would be designated into growth stocks. 40% of the total portfolio size will be allocated towards short to medium term deposits and the remaining 10% will be allotted as cash deposits and for applications of IPOs/FPOs/NFOs.

Risk Factors

This product is suitable for those investors who are wary about principal protection and are risk averse. Investment in this portfolio reduces risk significantly as its larger composition is fixed income securities and value stocks.
Expected Portfolio Return10% - 14%
Hurdle Rate10%
Tenure2 Years

Fee Structure

Service Charge
Investment Amount (in Rs.)Annual Service Fees (%)
20 lakhs - 50 lakhs1.30%
50 lakhs - 1 crore1.25%
1 crores - 5 crores1%
5 crores - 10 crores0.75%
> 10 crores0.5%
Incentive Fee
Portfolio ReturnIncentive Fees
< 8%Nil
9% - 15%15%
16% - 25%20%
> 25%25%
Exit Load1%
*Note: While availing of the Portfolio Management services, the investment amount can be handed to the portfolio manager in a combination or solely of the following options: cash, existing stocks and a combination of both stocks as well as cash.