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SEF Current NAV : 9.64 as on 2024-06-07
SEF Current NAV : 9.64 as on 2024-06-07

What We Do

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

SCL has demonstrated its fund management efficiency by the successful management of its mutual fund schemes. We have a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who cater to our PMS clients. Our experts utilize their talent and experience to create a portfolio that matches the client’s needs and attitude to get the best possible return. With our services, we aim to relieve clients of the administrative burden of personally managing their own investments.

Discretionary Portfolio

Investment decisions are made by portfolio managers at Siddhartha Capital and implemented immediately. This service is managed personally, allowing your investment objectives to be respected.

Non-Discretionary Portfolio

In this portfolio we consult and suggest investment ideas to the clients. The choice to execute the timing of the investment decision rests solely with the investor.

Institutional Discretionary PMS

In order to ensure risk adjusted returns that require in-depth research and analysis, market information and expertise hence, SCL Institutional discretionary PMS provides tailor-made services to render our client’s needs.