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SEF Current NAV : 9.49 as on 2024-05-17
SEF Current NAV : 9.49 as on 2024-05-17

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Corporate Advisory Services

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At Siddhartha Capital we render business consulting services to both private and public bodies in pursuit of their business excellence; and the services are driven by the clients’ needs with a view towards attainment of their organizational objectives and goals.

Our array of services includes:

  • Corporate fund-raising initiatives/Loan Assistance
    • Term Loan
    • Consortium Loan
    • Working Capital Financing
  • Venture Capital financing/ Private Equity
  • Corporate restructuring efforts
    • Financial Restructuring
    • Organizational Restructuring
    • Structural changes of incorporated institutions
  • Company Valuations
  • Corporate Finance in planning of business services
    • Financial Planning
    • Project  Appraisal
    • Due Diligence
    • Private Equity
    • Pre IPO Placement
  • Corporate fund-raising initiatives/Loan Assistance

SCL assists clients on raising credit from financial institutions, banks, and other lending institutions. We on behalf of the client will identify the sources of funds to be procured from and subsequently make arrangements to comply with the formalities required in procuring the funds.

The services will generally include preparing project details, identification of source of funds, negotiations on rates, preparing and filing of the loan applications, obtaining necessary documents, complying with the terms and conditions for availability of loan.

We will mainly assist our clients on:
Term Loan: Loans that are long term are paid on an installment basis (equal monthly installment basis) which includes principal and interest. Term loans are usually taken by companies for financing in areas such as acquisition of premises, plant and machinery expansion or new machinery purchase or to add extra fixed capital that enhances their business.


Consortium Loan: Consortium loans are generally long-term loans and require huge financing. Consortium loan is a process of arranging loan facilities to a company whereby many banks collectively fund a project to reduce their risk exposure in a single project that requires a large sum of money.


Loan size of above 1 Billion needs to be done through a consortium loan. We identify the lead bank, make necessary negotiations and communication with them, and syndicate lending institutions on client’s behalf. We use our expertise and network link from parent companies to arrange for a consortium loan.


Working Capital Financing: Working capital loans are generally short term and are of revolving nature. Working capital loans focuses on financing day to day cash needs of a company which improves their liquidity position. Financing of working capital can be done through overdraft facility arrangement, short term loan.
We assist our clients to arrange sources of funds required to finance the day-to-day operation of the business. We work with them to arrange short term loans, overdrafts, and letter of credit.

We assist our clients to arrange sources of funds required to finance the day to day operation of the business. We work with them to arrange short term loans, overdrafts, and letter of credit.

Venture capital financing

Venture capital mostly finances companies in their seed stage or start-up companies that are deemed to have great future potential of growth. Financing for seed stage companies is done through collection of funds that are pooled from different investors or it can be an angel investor who finances the projects. Venture capital funding can start with an early seed stage where companies are yet to be established to later stage where the companies are fully grown to start commercial operation of their products.

SCL assists companies at seed stage to assess viability of the project and arrange financial resources for the project. As an advisor, we conduct evaluation of business plans including analysis of market scenario, product analysis, assessment of organizational capacity, and evaluation of financial projections to assess whether the project is financially viable.

Once the project is found feasible, we on behalf of the client identify the sources of funds, negotiate on terms of financing, obtaining necessary documents, and ensuring the compliance of prevailing laws applicable to the project.

Corporate restructuring

Corporate restructuring means making a strategic decision that can re-shape organizations size, position, balance-sheet structures or ownership of an organization. Corporate restructuring can be classified into financial restructuring and Organization restructuring.

  1. Financial Restructuring: Financial restructuring is the process where a company’s balance- sheet structures are changed. Basically, debt to equity position is re- balance or debt payment is rescheduled. Financial restructuring will also be a strategic decision making on cross holding patterns or demerger.
  2. Organizational Restructuring:

    Organization restructuring is where a company’s internal processes are restructured. This includes reorganizing the departments, re-establishing vertical and horizontal lines of chain of command, downsizing of employees or business segments.


    SCL provides advisory services to modify balance-sheet structure, organizational structure, or line of business depending upon the client’s need thereby improving the financial health of the client’s business. We will assist decisions to sell assets, re-arrange sources of finances or on decision of merger and acquisition based on our expertise and recommendation from our valuation and research team.

Company Valuations

Valuations are carried out to get the true price or the fair value of any company. Valuations are based on in-depth analysis of company, market forces, economic conditions and valuators judgment. Valuations are important in decision making to buying, selling and issue of securities or to negotiate price in merger and acquisition.


To assist the clients on making good and well-informed investment decisions, SCL provides business valuation as well as assets valuation service to the clients based on the most appropriate valuation technique selected, out of several valuation techniques available in the market, by our advisory team involving experts on valuation.

Corporate Planning

Corporate advisors are individuals or firms that are indulged in providing advisory services to their clients. Corporate advisors work with clients on serving various needs of the clients. Some major works carried out by corporate advisors are preparation of business plans, performing valuation, conducting due diligence or advising them to enhance their operational efficiency.

  1. Business plan: as an advisor investment firms will closely work with clients to show them a road map for their business. This includes studying the market and relevant laws in detail, perform financial projection and advise them on operating plans for their business.
  2. Valuation: As an advisor as per clients’ needs valuations may be done for internal purpose i.e. valuating the business itself or value a target firm that is concentrated on for strategic buying or merger and acquisition.
  3. Due Diligence: As part of the investment banks relationship of an advisor on behalf of the clients, Investment banks conduct an independent due diligence that can be focused into product appraisal, strategic buying or merger & acquisition.

SCL helps clients, based on their needs, to develop a business plan to drive their business to success by helping them set their goals, identify target markets through advanced market research, and advising tools to meet targets.

Private Equity

Private equity means investments done through collection of a pool of money in companies at an early stage or that are already in operation. Private equity can take the form of venture capital, leveraged buyout. Venture capital seeks to fund seed stage companies, whereas in leveraged buyout a target firm is brought by a private equity firm by debt financing that is leveraging the target companies by collateralizing their asset or cash flow to fund the buyout.


SCL acts as a liaison between investors and companies to arrange a source of funds for the company. We work with companies who are at different stages of operation and are looking to get additional capital or expert level management services. We extensively evaluate the business plan, conduct extensive market analysis, and conduct an independent due diligence to get the fair value of the company.


We use our networking to connect investors with our clients based on the fair value derived from our due diligence & valuation, we also negotiate on deal terms that protects the equity investment of the investors. We also assist our clients in preparing an exit strategy and finding strategic buyers.

Pre -IPO Placement

SCL assists clients on collecting funds before the issuance of its IPO as Institutional investments

Target Segment

  • Established Entrepreneurs (Looking for extra capital)
  • Established Business Firms
  • Foreign companies and agencies looking to invest in Nepal
  • International Financing Agencies
  • High net worth Individuals (HNI’s)
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • Small and Medium Sized Enterprises
  • Bank & Financial Institutions (BFIs)
  • Insurance Companies, Private Companies, School & Colleges, Trusts/Funds/Welfare Organization.

Business Development

  • Referrals from our parent company on businesses such as Valuations, Private Equity/Venture Capital, and feasibility studies.
  • Referral businesses through the BoD of SBL and SCL on Corporate Advisory services, Valuations, PE/VC, and Loan Syndication etc.
  • Tender bid