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SEF Current NAV : 9.79 as on 2023-03-17
SEF Current NAV : 9.79 as on 2023-03-17


Siddhartha Systematic Investment Scheme (SSIS)

Siddhartha Systematic Investment Scheme (SSIS), is an open-end scheme with an initial corpus fund of NPR. 20 crores. The objective of the scheme is to generate long term capital appreciation and income distribution to investors from a portfolio that is predominantly invested in equity and equity related securities. The features of Siddhartha Systematic Investment Scheme (SSIS) are:
  1. Dividend Re-investment Plan
    1. Dividend Option
    2. Growth Option
  2. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
  3. Purchase/Redemption on daily Net Asset Value (NAV)
A. Scheme Name Siddhartha Systematic Investment Scheme
B. Scheme Type Open -ended Scheme
C. Initial Issue Size NPR. 20 crores
D. Per unit price NPR. 10
E. Entry Load None
F. Exit Load
  • 1.5% of applicable NAV within 3 year of purchase
  • No exit load to be levied after 3 years of purchase
G. Listing of Units The units shall not be listed at the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) and the units shall be purchased and redeemed through the Fund Manager and the authorized distribution agents appointed by the Fund Manager
H. Units Purchase
  • Minimum : 100 units
  • Maximum : 10% of fund size
I. Unit Redemption / Sale
  • Minimum : 100 units
  • Maximum : 10% of fund size
J. Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)
  • Minimum : Rs. 1,000 (units purchased under SIP shall be have a lock in period until the Cancellation of the SIP)
K. Fund Management & Depository Fees 1.50% and 0.20% of applicable NAV
L. Fund Supervisor’s Fee As per approved Prospectus of the scheme
M. Credit Rating
  1. Asset Management Company
    AMC 3+ (Highest rating awarded in the industry)
  2. Fund Sponsor

Status of Siddhartha Systematic Investment Scheme

Daily Transaction Details as on 2023-03-21
Transaction Quantity Value
Units Purchased 61008.76 NPR 496,355.90
Units Redeemed 830 NPR 6,628.50
SSIS Summary as on 2023-03-21
Authorized Fund Size NPR 500,000,000.00
Existing Fund Size NPR 339,930,575.90
Authorized Number of Units 50,000,000
Existing Number of Units 33,993,058
Total Number of Unit Holders 46,104