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SEF Current NAV : 11.04 as on 2024-07-19
SEF Current NAV : 11.04 as on 2024-07-19

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Corporate Advisory Services

Corporate Advisory Services
What is Corporate Advisory Services?
The veracity of the corporate world is that change is constant. In the times where there are continuous disruptions, technological advancements, increasing complications, and time-constraints, dynamic businesses recognize that they necessitate assistance to deliver on their corporate objectives. At Siddhartha Capital, we understand that prospering in the midst of the challenges posed by the corporate world takes insight and acumen. As such, we render business consulting services to both private and public bodies in pursuit of their business excellence; and the services are driven by the clients’ needs with a view towards attainment of their organizational objectives and goals.  At Siddhartha Capital Limited, we provide the following array of services to tackle the various challenges facing the corporate world:
  • Corporate Fund-Raising Initiatives
    • Working Capital Financing
    • Consortium Loan
    • Term Loan 
  • Private Equity/Venture Capital and Hedge Fund Advisory and Financing
  • Corporate Restructuring
    • Financial Restructuring
    • Organizational Restructuring
  • Company Valuations
  • Corporate Finance
    • Financial Planning
    • Project Appraisal
    • Due Diligence
    • Business Consultation